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50 States, 50 Cuisines: the Food Worth Traveling for in every State

A golden glow that’s almost Impressionistic suffuses this bath, making it cozy even on the chilliest days. In the other bath, every specific need of the owners was anticipated and accounted for in advance, with solutions built into the space. Contemporary style is easily at home in the modern bath, since it’s of the same generation. The very modern horizontal line of the space is enhanced by the row of beveled-glass, mirrored vanity cabinets that hang above. A refined opulence is achieved with peach silk on the windows, peach marble on the floor, and a lovely substantial vanity and mirror embellished with faux finishing in subtle peach-and-taupe tones. A simple maple banquette next to the shower staff snuggles up beneath a small drop-down vanity storage shelf. To the right of the sink, a spacious closed cabinet in mellow maple and a narrow shelf below the frameless, beveled-edge mirror provide ample storage. Used in conjunction with a naturally finished golden maple that’s nearly the color of the tiles, the effect is as warm and uplifting as afternoon sunlight. The warm color palette gives this Empire-inspired bath a great dignity and vigor that would make any owner feel like a prince of the realm.

Fire is the most sacred element to Zoroastrians and figures prominently in temple rituals like the Yasna. This ninth-century Indonesian temple is one of the largest Buddhist temples in the world. On the one hand, access to dissection subjects drove great advances in anatomy and physiology as far back as 300 B.C.E. Did you know that carols can be traced back as early as 1350, but most of today’s Christmas carols were written during the 18th century? Whatever “romantic” style means to you, you can create it even in the smallest space. Coordinating faux-finished cabinets, along with pleated sheers and peach silk balloon shades in the windows, complete the romantic ambiance. And that’s the essence of romantic style. See the next page to find an even more romantic bathroom. Centering your bathroom design around a focal point adds visual drama to the room, but so does a distinctive geographical style. A hand-painted sink adds panache. See the next page to learn more about contemporary design styles. Arts & Crafts/Mission styles that arose in the early 20th century as a revolt against the fussiness of Victorian traditional style. Looking for a sleeker contemporary style in your bathroom? If a minimalist aesthetic doesn’t suit you, try adding strong color to make your bathroom a vibrantly engaging space.

Minimalist but not chilly, this pristine bath borrows from the Asian aesthetic as well as a very clean-cut contemporary style. Frameless mirrors are proven winners in creating a more spacious, brighter atmosphere; here, a row of mirrored medicine cabinets offers storage as well as dazzle. But it also exhibits the intelligent use of design concepts that can work just as well in a smaller room. You can commonly spot these by studying the manner in which various plants grow. Contemporary is cool and clean and can be as casual or as elegant as you please. Whether the look is dramatic or serene, contemporary style at its best conveys an uplifting spirit of freshness and freedom. This bath is obviously large, but even a small space will look bigger if you keep the vanity, walls, and flooring in the same light tones and smooth textures. The low-profile one-piece toilet takes up minimal space. To make a concept like this work takes careful planning of every detail and meticulous placement of every tile. This pattern takes the form of a symmetrical layout featuring one thicker striped bank in the center with other color bands arranged around. One of the primary concerns for disabled travelers is finding a hotel that is truly accessible.

“We’ve found significant historical items on many previous upgrade projects but this is one of our biggest and most exciting yet,” said Chris Rochfort, Thames Water environmental manager, in the statement. Today, this style of Viet-Cajun crawfish has reverse-migrated and can be found in New Orleans at spots like Big EZ Seafood and Boil Seafood House. Contemporary styling can be just as engaging as traditional or classic designs. Sculptural one-piece toilets, sleek built-ins of all kinds, minimal or simply shaped hardware, and lots of chrome are all contemporary design elements. It’s distinctly possible to create a striking contemporary bath in a typical “white box” room, but it’s certainly easier if you have the advantage of carving out an interesting architectural shell. In early 333 Alexander moved through Pisidia, where the nearly impregnable mountain city of Termessus, a remarkably well-preserved site 21 miles northwest of the modern Antalya, managed to hold out (even Alexander’s early years in Asia were not an uninterrupted success story). This stunning bathroom design, while equipped with modern conveniences we’ve come to depend on, clearly hearkens back to the elegant, many-layered past. To explore a bathroom with a French flair, see the next page.